Past Workshops

Dr. Laurier Fagnan

*As part of its mission, RainShadow Chorale seeks to expand musical opportunities and foster the growth of local musicians. By presenting “The Bel Canto Transformation” with Dr. Fagnan in our community, we are bringing one of the most exceptional international clinicians to our region to assist all choral directors and singers in their creation of a more beautiful, energized, in-tune and well-blended sound.

FagnanRainshadow Workshop: The Bel Canto Transformation: Creating the beautiful, balanced, blended ensemble singing you’ve always dreamed of.

Can your choir sing in a harmonically rich (i.e. full of harmonics) vocally energized fashion while still blending beautifully and singing perfectly in tune?? Absolutely!  Discover how to remove both the effort and blandness out of ensemble singing and replace them with self-sustaining, three-dimensional sound that will transform the way your choir feels about what it does. Leave with a new vocabulary and means of conveying important vocal concepts. State of the art acoustical analyses will also be provided.

Dr. Laurier Fagnan,  University of Alberta

With a master’s in Vocal Pedagogy (bel canto vocal pedagogy) and a Doctorate in Choral Conducting (choral acoustics and vocal technique for choirs), Laurier Fagnan has dedicated his career to empowering choral singers to exploit 100% of their choral-context-appropriate vocal energy and color while also teaching conductors how to draw out the most beautiful, balanced tone possible from their ensembles. His doctoral dissertation was awarded national prizes in Canada and the US and his new DVD, Transform Your Choir’s Sound:Exceptional Choral Singing with Bel Canto Vocal Principles, is being recognized as one of the most unique and important resources in choral singing today.

Dr. Geoffrey Boers

geoffreyboersGeoffrey Boers is Director of Choral Activities at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he is the Mary K. Shepman Endowed Professor of Music. Under his direction, the choral program at the University of Washington has grown to include nearly twenty graduate choral conductors each year, as well as nine ensembles conducted by five faculty and many graduate students, with nearly 600 singers participating. Geoffrey conducts the UW Chamber Singers, the university’s premier ensemble of graduate and advanced singers.

RainShadow Chorale is sponsoring a singing workshop for men who currently sing in a choir  from 1:30-4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1, at Trinity United Methodist Church, 609 Taylor St., Port Townsend. Cost of the workshop is $15.

This workshop offers a rare opportunity for local male choral singers to work with one of the foremost choral conductors and voice teachers in the United States, Dr. Geoffrey Boers, director of Choral Activities at the University of Washington in Seattle. Choir conductors also may attend the workshop as a master class in conducting, including lunch with Boers.It was a day to remember!